Aerial Equipment

The primary focus of Hertz Equipment Rental's Aerial Services is to meet the unique needs of our customers that require specialty equipment for rental or sale to get the job done. Whether it's replacing a light bulb at twenty feet or completing a major construction fabrication at one hundred and thirty-five feet, both small and large companies have come to count on Hertz Equipment Rental's Aerial Services to meet their needs.

Our commitment to you of providing high-quality aerial rental equipment is just one reason Hertz has been relied upon by so many well-known companies. We pride ourselves in offering an extensive inventory of aerial equipment for rental or for sale, as well as to support our fleet with high-quality maintenance and service.

Our Aerial fleet includes a wide selection of lifts; such as single man personnel lifts, scissor lifts for both indoor and outdoor applications, boom lifts such as telescopic booms for straight, high reach jobs, and articulating boom lifts for those hard to reach spots. In addition, all the lifts in our fleet are from manufacturers you know and can count on.

Click on the type of equipment you require to know more about to help on your next job.

Model Type Platform Height Weight Specifications
JLG 450AJArticulating45 ft. (13.72 m)13,250 lbs (6,010 kg)Download
JLG 600AJArticulating60 ft. (18.47 m)23,050 lb (10,455 kg)Download
JLG 800AJArticulating80 ft. (24.38 m)34,300 lb (15,558 kg)Download
JLG 1250AJPArticulating125 ft. (38.1 m)44,000 lb (19,958 kg)Download
JLG 660SJTelescopic66 ft. (20.32 m)27,600 lb (12,519 kg)Download
JLG 860SJTelescopic86 ft. (26.21 m)36,400 lb (16,511 kg)Download
JLG 1200SJPTelescopic120 ft. (36.58 m)40,900 lb (18,552 kg)Download
JLG 1350SJPTelescopic135 ft. (41.15 m)45,000 lb (20,411 kg)Download
JLG 1930ESElectric Scissor Lift18 ft. 9 in. (5.72 m)2,685 lb (1,218 kg)Download
JLG 3246ESElectric Scissor Lift31 ft. 9 in. (9.68 m)4,945 lb (2,243 kg)Download
JLG 4394RTRough Terrain Diesel Scissor Lift43 ft. (13.11 m)15,300 lb (6,940 kg)Download
450 Series IIArticulating Boom Lifts45ft12,750 lbDual Fuel Engine GM Vortec 3000 MPFI
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